Low Voltage Rescue and Resuscitation Training during the COVID-19 pandemic

On Friday, a newsletter was released by the Electrical Safety Office regarding the current issues facing electrical licence holders in accessing CPR/LVR/PTR training through registered training providers due to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Electrical Safety Office has recognised this and has released their advice at the following link: https://www.vision6.com.au/v/15149/1817654380/email.html…

Key Points:

  1. Those electrical licence holders affected by short-notice cancellation of courses shall have CPR/LVR/PTR requirements waived under the following conditions:
    • Advising their employer that they have not completed the training, and
    • Training will need to be completed as soon as possible once training becomes available (this will be followed up by the ESO)
  2. Workers whose CPR/PTR/LVR training is not current should not act in roles requiring this training
  3. Work should be rescheduled or redesigned so that a safety observer is not required in the case of work involving workers whose training is not current
  4. Where rescheduled or redesigning of the job is not possible, work may only be performed in accordance with a documented Risk Assessment, factoring in the currency of workers’ training, following consultation, and where all parties involved are satisfied it is safe to proceed
  5. When assessing worker competency, consider:
    • Time since expiry
    • Rescuer’s experience
    • Familiarity and confidence in the team members
  6. Consider using online resources from your regular training provider as interim refresher training

At Simpatico Safety, we are committed to supporting your business and workers through this period.

Andrew and Jo can assist you in your discussions around individual workplace risk assessments and worker competencies. We also have the capability to provide online remote training of LVR/CPR via Zoom as an interactive interim refresher.

Please keep in touch as we are here to assist and support you.

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