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Our Story

Andrew and Jo began their formal training journey as colleagues at Australasian College of Health and Safety at Wellington Point, Queensland. We are grateful for the opportunities, mentoring and support that we received during those years, and have built on those strong foundations with our own philosophy, vision and personalities.

Our passion for quality training outcomes, and the building of positive relationships within the safety community has driven us forward with energy and a desire to build our own organisation with like-minded individuals, and to create a positive learning environment.

We look forward to establishing Simpatico Safety as the provider of choice for new clients, and continuing to build and maintain strong relationships with our existing valued clients.

Our Vision

We believe that safety in a workplace is greatly dependent upon inclusive consultation within an organisation leading to informed decision-making. Acknowledgement of expertise at all levels leads to a better understanding of the things that can harm us, and how to effectively manage risk.

Our vision is to provide outstanding safety programs that help shape today’s WHS professionals. We aim to empower organisations and their people through holistic training strategies that lead to collaborative, inclusive safety culture.

We endeavour to assist trainees in developing the skills and knowledge that they need to work safely, and to make a difference in their workplace.

The student journey begins at the point of first enquiry, through the learning process, issuing of the qualification, and continuing forward.

We value post-course relationships, and we are committed to continuing dialogue and support.

Meet the Team

The Simpatico Safety team understands the complexities of managing work health and safety, and the difficulties involved in coordinating training activities. We acknowledge the value of real-world experience, and the importance of maintaining work/lifestyle balance. Jo and Andrew draw on their experience to ensure a meaningful, relevant and personal learning experience for trainees.

Joanne Cole

Director & RTO Manager
Joanne possesses sound knowledge of the VET sector, her particular strength lies in RTO management. Her experience includes the development and maintenance of the quality, business, and training management systems in two medium sized RTOs. Jo has been heavily involved in the development, implementation, and improvement of training and assessment systems and content, from the working draft stage, incorporation into existing RTO structures, to the coordination of validation activities.

Jo’s breadth of knowledge, attention to detail, and collaborative approach contributes to her success as a compliance specialist.

Time spent in the service industry has helped shape Jo’s approach to client liaison and student-centric outcomes.

Jo is also the go-to person for Return-to-Work training and advice.

Outside the training world, Jo can be found charging downhill on mountain bikes, and getting back to nature.


Andrew Smith B App Sc (Med Sc)

Director & Training Manager

Andrew has extensive experience in the safety industry, having worked for several large companies (including major hazard facilities) in key operational safety roles. During this time he has liaised with the State Government’s safety regulator, whilst functioning as the Major Hazard Facility (MHF) Safety Case Project Lead for a major pesticide manufacturing facility. Andrew has worked within many industries, including: major manufacturing (pesticide, petrochemical, fertiliser); laboratories (biochemical, environmental – chief chemist); construction; and his own small businesses. This breadth of experience places Andrew well for contextualising safety concepts for clients, and delivering practical and effective services.

Andrew is currently undertaking his Master of Arts (Research) in Safety Science at Griffith University. This research is concerned with Safety Practitioner training – organisational expectations, competency, capability and traction in practice. He is keenly motivated to further his understanding, and to better deliver high quality, meaningful training.

Andrew balances his professional life with his passion for music – building his own guitars and amplifiers, and belting it out with a couple of local bands.

Our Associates

Simpatico Safety is proud to work with like-minded professionals in the promotion of Health, Safety and Well-being.

Dr Niikee Schoendorfer PhD

Dr Niikee is a holistic and preventative medicine specialist with over 20 years experience in many natural health and wellbeing modalities, as well as mainstream clinical medicine and research. She has over 10 years of teaching and course design, at both Endeavour College of Natural Health and University of Queensland Medical School Programme, to bring you educational tools for optimal vitality and wellness. Her experience extends into regularly presenting lectures both nationally and internationally and has published several scientific research papers and text book chapters. Niikee is also a qualified yoga instructor and mindfulness teacher, whilst her enthusiasm for all things wellness is a demonstrated in her work, making all of her offerings enjoyable and educational.

Niikee’s qualifications include: Bachelor of Complementary Medicine, Masters in Nutritional Medicine, PhD in Nutritional Biochemistry and Clinical Medicine

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